Custom Fabrication


EZB Mast Arm Sign Bracket Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333

Safeway Sign Company is a full service custom metal fabrication company specializing in a variety of metal fabrication processes. We are the one-stop-shop fabrication facility for all of your custom fabrication requirements. We offer fast turn times and competitive prices to keep you on schedule and on budget. With our near 70 years of experience, our staff will work with you insure that your specifications are met and your expectations exceeded.

We use the lastest state-of-the-art technology to design, build, finish, and assemble the non-standard component or unique metal product to complete your project fast, precise, and with top-quality workmanship.

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Custom Fabrication Metal Table Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333

Custom Fabrication Metal Coffee Table Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333

Book Shelf Custom Fabrication Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333 

Custom Fabrication Shelf Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333

Shirt and tie display Custom Fabrication Safeway Sign Company 2000x1333